BayWa-Betriebsgelände Gerolzhofen - Erkundung, Planung und Überwachung

Service Provider

R & H Umwelt GmbH

Schnorrstraße 5A / 90471 Nürnberg
Phone: 0911 86 88-10
Location of performance / Site: Gerolzhofen, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
Period: Mai 2016 - Jan 2018
Responsible company location: Nürnberg (Headquarters)
Dismantling Work Properties
Dismantling amount: Partial dismantling
Dismantling process: Selective dismantling, Filling
Type of building: Industrial buildings
Details about the services provided

BayWa AG

Industry: Merchandising
Arabellastraße 4
81925 München
Confirmed reference on 05/17/2019 by BayWa AG - Corporate Real Estate Management
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